Vegetarian food delivery in Ireland

Gone are the days of the boring vegetarian takeaway. Modern veggie dishes in Ireland are as diverse and as flavoursome as any meat dish. If you want colour, textures and exotic flavours on a plate, it's all available with the country's impressive array of plant-based cuisine. In fact, it's so good you won't even miss the meat. Fancy a wholesome veggie burger, packed with red pepper, chick peas and fresh coriander? Another classic burger has roasted red onions, succulent mushroom and sweet potato.  

Check out our Deliveroo menus online and see what a veggie restaurant near you has to offer. Stay where you are and let our food delivery service bring a restaurant-quality veggie meal to your door today. Treat yourself to a hearty Irish lager vegetable stew or a rich and creamy asparagus and spring onion tart with sides. And perhaps order some yummy soda bread scones for afters. 

Ireland: The best restaurant Vegetarian meals delivered locally 

The people of Ireland love the options available in vegetarian fare today. Even meat eaters are taking time out to indulge in these new choices in veggie meals. Few can resist the nourishing flavours of the amazing grain soups made with fresh greens, beans and toasted buckwheat. Melted leek or spring onion champ is another much loved classic with creamy mashed potatoes, butter, milk and seasoning. 

The Irish-style salad is always welcome at the table, like the beautiful spring salad, with its rich buttermilk creamy dressing and fresh ingredients. For a veggie light bite, put some asparagus and cheddar cheese scones on your order. If it's pizza you desire, you've got that too. Look for the classic eggs Florentine pizza topped with melted mozzarella cheese and succulent spinach, finished with an egg in its center.  

If you fancy a meatless day, you've got some fantastic alternatives. Forget the shawarmas and opt for the equally delicious veggie falafels instead. And eggplant parmesan is another amazing meal with a sensational crisp breadcrumb topping. Build your next veggie spread with Deliveroo and let us take care of the delivery.