Partner Ranking Policy

Partner Ranking Policy

We may rank our Partners in consideration of their reviews by consumers, their popularity (number of Orders) and/or our commercial agreements with these partners.

These rankings are displayed for partners from your region when you access to our Apps.

How are our partner restaurants and grocers ranked and referenced?

Deliveroo uses various ranking criteria depending on the location of the Partner on the Platform. 

Homepage / Search bar

The ranking of Partners on the homepage of the platform or via the use of the search bar tool is personalised by an automated algorithm, and may appear different according to each user. This means each user will see Partners ranked in an order which is personal to them according to their own preferences. 

The main parameter which determines the order in which Partners are displayed on the Deliveroo platform is the likelihood that a customer will order from the Partners presented to them. 

While our algorithm uses a great variety of criteria, the most relevant factors used to display Partners are the following: 

  • the distance between the location of the Partner and the delivery address; 
  • whether a customer has previously placed an order from a Partner, 
  • number of orders placed by a user with a Partner,
  • the time of day of such orders, 
  • the estimated order duration, i.e. how long a customer can expect to wait between placing an order and receiving it, 
  • affiliation to certain chains and network of Partners, and 
  • the use by the Partner of an image on the Platform. 

We're constantly improving our experience for our customers and as a result, these factors may change over time. Our algorithms respond to, and learn from, customer preferences and past purchasing behaviours to drive a better customer experience. 


The Platform also uses various « carousels » that aim at highlighting certain Partners according to a selection of criteria. 

The following carousels may for example be available from time on the time on the Platform (together with their ranking criterion): 

  • « Order again » carousel shows the Partners with which you have recently placed an order;
  • « Best rating » carousel shows the Partners that have received the best ratings in the area;
  • « Fastest delivery » carousel shows the Partners with the fastest delivery;
  • « Plus offer » carousel shows the Partners that have special offers for Deliveroo Plus members;
  • « New on Deliveroo » carousel shows the Partners that are newly registered on the Platform;
  • « Exclusively on Deliveroo » carousel shows the Partners available only on Deliveroo’s platform.
  • Other categories may appear from time to time on the Platform. 

Specific paid ranking

The « Highlight » (“A la une”) carousel shows the Partners that have signed a commercial partnership with Deliveroo and that have therefore paid Deliveroo to appear in this particular carousel. The mention “Paid advertisement from our Partners” is indicated next to the offer.

Referencing / Dereferencing 

A Partner may be delisted from the Deliveroo platform in the event of suspension, expiration or termination of the contract entered into between the partner and Deliveroo.