Indian food delivery in Dublin

It's no longer just the luxury of Indians in India. Chefs of this loved cuisine are cooking up storm in restaurant kitchens in the heart of Dublin. Indian food here gives us a wonderful variety of regional and traditional dishes native to the sub-continent. The traditional takeaway has its place, but it doesn't come close to meals lovingly prepared by passionate cooks in quality restaurants. Thanks to Deliveroo, truly authentic Indian cuisine is now available for home delivery.

Got a taste for chicken tikka masala? Who can resist that tomato-based creamy sauce with its grounded cashew nuts and succulent pieces of tender chicken? For a traditional rice dish it has to be a biryani of your choice. The select spices, wonderful aromas and heavenly tastes make these meals almost too good to eat. And popular dal tarka, with yellow lentils prepared with cumin and tempered with garlic, is simply sensational.

Dublin: Indian restaurant quality home delivery in Dublin

Dublin has a young and vibrant population. In fact, over 25% of its inhabitants are under 25. This is a city that's forever evolving. It has plenty of events and activities going on to keep the locals happy. As you walk the streets, you can almost smell the hops from the Guinness—a stout so dense the locals call it a "meal in a cup". But it's not the only meal on offer!

Among some of the city's culinary treasures are the kitchens of fine Indian fare, cooking up treats for Dublin's many gastronomes. Vegetarians are well looked after too. Enjoy a succulent mushroom Bhaji, stir-fried mushrooms, red onions and tomato sauce. Aloo Gobi is a firm favourite with its fresh cauliflower and potatoes, cooked with care in a tantalizing curry sauce of fresh herbs and select spices.

So you don't have to go to India to enjoy a good hearty Indian spread. You don't even have to go out to your favourite restaurant. Order your meal online with Deliveroo and we'll be knocking at your door soon after. This is quality food delivery at its best.