Italian food delivery in Ireland

The Irish certainly love their Italian food, but dining out in Ireland's best local eating places can be hectic. The takeaway meals can often be no substitute for authentic Italian fare either. Well, here's some great news—you now have a new option. If you can't get to the restaurant, but pine an Italian spread, let Deliveroo step in. We're your local Italian food delivery people. We fetch restaurant quality meals and deliver them right to your front doorstep. All you do is place your order and we'll be with you soon. So what's it to be folks? 

How does caprese salad sound to start with? The buffalo mozzarella with maple roast butternut squash is seductive, but there's more. Enjoy the tastes of purple endive, beetroot, delicious walnut pesto and delectable onion chutney. There's everything in this dish to whet the appetite of even the most discerning palates. 

Ireland: Restaurant quality Italian meals brought to your door 

Eating out can be great, but you have to be in the mood for it. A busy restaurant, the commotion and waiting around for food is no big deal if you've time and patience on your side. It's a recipe for disaster, however, if you're famished and just want to enjoy a meal without the hullabaloo. Well… now you can. By reading here you're already half way to having your next restaurant prepared Italian spread delivered right to your door by Deliveroo. 

Choose from a range of quality salads and antipasti to begin your meal. Think bresaola, tasty Tuscan ribollita soup or anti-pasti with its char-grilled crostini, fresh olives and artichokes. Look through the pasta meat and vegetarian dishes served with lots of parmesan cheese if that's what you like. 

Perhaps consider some side orders, like duck fat roasties, new potatoes, buttered greens and Italian sage & mustard mash to name a few. Look to the classics like lasagne, spag bol and pizza margherita if you want to play it safe. If the food's on our partner restaurant menus, we can get it to you soon.