Halal food delivery in Dublin

The best halal restaurant food is now available for delivery in the Irish capital. Whatever you desire, it's all here in Dublin, and Deliveroo is ready to take your order. Fancy a tasty halal Asian meal, not a takeaway, but proper authentic fare—food prepared and cooked in accordance with halal standards by qualified chefs. So what's it to be, some succulent deep fried onion pakoras to start your meal. Smell the sensational lentil crispy batter, seasoned to perfection. A plate of halal masala chicken fry with its boneless pan-cooked meat, succulent onions and special spice is another great starter dish.

Halal curries in Old Dublin town are exceptional. Like it hot? A spicy marinated lamb Vindaloo guarantees to please any palate. Dig into the potatoes, relish in those fresh herbs and wonderful spices presented in a rich tasty sauce. Enjoy restaurant quality halal food delivered right to your door?

Dublin: Halal home delivery is here in old Dublin town

Spanning Dublin's famed river Liffey is the O'Connell Bridge. What's so fascinating about this structure is that it's the only European bridge that is as wide as it is long. Back in the day, the first O'Connell Bridge was just a rope construction. In those days, only one person and a donkey could cross the river at a time. Today, this young modern metropolis is home to a very impressive tech startup scene. It's also a city which boasts friendly locals and great food choices, and that includes halal.

Delicious, flame-grilled succulent chicken wings topped with a delectable spiced glaze are welcome bites on any halal spread. Savour the tastes of those yummy halal side dishes. Add some couscous with virgin olive oil, spicy potato hara or homemade chips to the table. Don't forget the mixed green leaves and marinated olives.

Place your order online with Deliveroo. We're the people who bring the restaurant to your home or place of work. Whatever your tastes, we'll deliver quality halal food from your favourite kitchen in Dublin. Your next meal is literally just a few clicks away.