Chinese food delivery in Dublin

When it comes to quality Chinese fare, Old Dublin town has a surprising selection of restaurant choices. These are not your run of the mill takeaway dishes, but real authentic cuisine. They're meals cooked by people who know a thing or two about how to prepare and serve this delicious Far Eastern chow. Start with a veggie spring roll or two. If crispy, fresh rolls don’t appeal consider a delicious serving of the flavourful minced pork or chicken sung, served wrapped in fresh crunchy lettuce leaves. Add a side of barbequed spare ribs if laying on a spread.

When local Dubliners, Chinese visitors, and tourists pack a restaurant out, you know it's good. Not everyone has the time or the patience to stand in the doorways of busy restaurants though—waiting for a table. Thanks to the Deliveroo online food delivery service, you don't have to wait or go without.

Dublin: Authentic Chinese chow comes to Old Dublin town

Believe it or not, but Dublin started out as a Viking settlement sometime around the 9th century. The Scandinavian seafaring pirates and traders settled in the place they then called the "Norse Kingdom of Dublin". In more recent history, the city's famous Trinity College has seen a whole host of celebrated graduates pass through its doors. This includes names like Bram Stoker (author of Dracula) and Oscar Wilde to name just two of many.

For Asian food lover's, Dublin has its very own China town, which hosts some quality local restaurants. Proper Chinese soups like the crispy aromatic duck served with pancake and fresh veggies is heaven in a bowl. Wonton and noodle soup is another irresistible broth from The Orient.

For a main dish, fried beef with fresh broccoli in a tasty oyster sauce served with rice or noodles will go down a treat. Chinese pan-fried dumplings, filled with succulent pork & chicken are to die for. If heading out into town doesn't appeal, then order with Deliveroo. Let us bring quality foods from any of these fine restaurants to your home or office.