Chinese food delivery in Ireland

Ireland may be a long way from China, but quality Chinese food is right here on Ireland's doorstep. And if you don't fancy chopsticks and busy restaurants then stay right where you are. Forget the regular takeaway and order something authentic today. The Deliveroo menu lists beautiful meals prepared by experienced chefs in the town's finest Chinese restaurant kitchens. A creamy chicken and sweetcorn soup is the perfect starter. If you want a crispy appetizer, put some deep-fried shredded chicken or veggie spring rolls on your order. A crispy duck salad will also serve you well. 

If seafood is more your thing, fried Chinese king prawns with a little dry chili, panko breadcrumbs and brittle jasmine leaves will please the palate. How about some fresh Irish lobster with ginger and scallion sauce resting on a bed of Chinese egg noodles. Quality Chinese fare doesn't get any better than this. 

Ireland: Chinese restaurant chow available for home delivery

Chinese takeaway has been around in Ireland for eons. For the quality restaurant food experience though, folks usually have to dress up and head out. This is often a hassle for busy, hardworking people. Now that Deliveroo is in Ireland, you can have the best of both worlds. Enjoy restaurant quality Chinese food in the comfort of your own space, whether that's at home or work. 

Poultry lovers can't go wrong with a marinated Sichuan aromatic duck. Those sliced tender pieces of succulent bird served with Chinese pancakes and hoisin sauce are to die for. A Kung-Po style chicken dish with crunchy cashew nuts is another favourite poultry meal. 

For a meatier meal, look no further than shredded pork served with hot garlic and ginger sauce. Twice-cooked, pork belly strips with chili and Chinese chives is another classic dish. Whether it's spicy Szechuan cuisine, a mild dim sum spread, or anything in between, it's all here in Ireland. Whatever you desire from our online Chinese menus, we'll bring it to your door. Quality food delivery is what we do, so place your order now and eat soon.