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Kinara Kitchen

 4.5 Excellent (50+)

vegetarian · Pakistani · Middle Eastern · indian

Whether you’re looking for your favourite takeaway dish or wanting to try something new, when you order from Kinara Kitchen, you won’t be disappointed.

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Browse the most ordered dishes on the menu

Browse the most-ordered dishes on the menu

Makanwala Murghi (M)

Barbecued chicken breast flavoured with ginger and garlic, butter, onion, spices and dry fenugreek then finished with a tomato cream sauce. Garnished with sun-dried tomatoes. Contains Milk/Dairy....

Murgh Tikka Masala

Our unique recipe of breast of barbecued chicken, mellowed in a creamy cashew and almond nut sauce. Garnished with flaked almond. Contains Milk/Dairy & Nuts....

Tandoori Jhinga (C)

Jumbo prawns marinated in ginger, garlic and a masala sauce cooked in the tandoor until golden and tender. Served with a red pepper sauce. Contains Crustaceans,Milk....

Palak Paneer (M)

Spinach simmered with paneer cheese, cream and flavoured with garlic, black pepper and pine nuts. Contains Milk/Dairy & Nuts....

Aloo Tikki

Pan-fried Irish potato cakes cooked with fresh herbs, sun-dried tomato, garlic and ginger. Served with tamarind chutney. Contains Gluten/Maize....

Lamb Garam Masala

Tender Irish Lamb in our Classic Garam Masala Marinade of Turmeric, Chilli, Ginger & and Garlic, Simmered with Tomatoes & Onions, Finished with Freshly Shredded Coriander....

If you’re looking for a tasty takeaway, you’ve come to the right place. Kinara Kitchen will get your favourite dishes delivered directly to you in no time.

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