Pizza delivery in Ireland

Authentic Italian Pizza pleases every palate it touches, and why wouldn't it. After all, you get to select your favourite base and say which yummy toppings to have. Ireland has some fine pizzerias and pizzaiolos catering to the demands of every food lover. If you're hungry at home or famished in the office, don't waste time heading into town. Place your next pizza order with Deliveroo and we'll soon have the perfect dish on your doorstep. Set the table and wait as our fast Pizza delivery service brings the restaurant food to your location.  

C'mon, you deserve better than the standard takeaway pizzas found under the TV dinner's section of local supermarkets. How does a sizzling hot vegetarian take your fancy? Indulge in the fresh onions, hot tomato sauce and courgettes, topped mozzarella and fresh chopped chilies. Bite into the succulent Jalapeño, mixed peppers and savour the chili oil sensation. 

Ireland: Pick top quality pizzas and choose your favourite toppings

Food tastes in Ireland don’t start and end with potatoes, corned beef & cabbage. Walk around any major town or city and you'll see the restaurants representing the world's finest cuisines, including authentic Italian pizzas. If you want a high quality meal, you're in the right place with Deliveroo.  

If it's a pizza Americano you desire, then that's what you'll get. This classic pleases most at the dinner table with its characteristic topping of tomato sauce, double cheese and double American pepperoni. The more discerning palate may want to go for a pizza Italia. Enjoy the wonderful combination of Milano salami, garlic-infused scrumptious tomato sauce and soft mascarpone cheese… and there's more. Take in the textures and flavours of fresh garlic tomatoes (diced), rocket leaves, Parma ham and a generous drizzle of Parmesan cheese. It's akin to dying and going to heaven.  

Don't forget the sides if you want a full spread. Select from garlic bread, Buffalo wings and minestrone soup to name just a few. Order your next pizza in Ireland with Deliveroo, and enjoy food prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients.