Indian food delivery in Cork

A walk along the bright and colourful house fronts in Ireland’s second largest city of Cork, brings to mind the pallet of colours in an open-air Indian spice market. From shades of yellow and orange, through to reds and browns, the colourful buildings seem to reflect the diverse flavours, sights and smells of internationally loved cuisine. It’s no wonder then that the city of Cork is literally bursting at the seams with Indian restaurants.

Take your pick of the best by browsing through our website, where we've compiled a list of the city’s favourite Indian eateries. From street food vendors to large family-run restaurants, we can bring the best restaurant-quality food to your door. Whatever takes your fancy, call on Deliveroo to bring the best in the Asian cuisine to you!

Cork: A hotspot of Indian cooking excellence

The city of Cork has long been establishing itself as a hotspot for exceptional cooking and a foodie’s paradise. This hive of international cuisine draws chefs in from all over the world determined to showcase the best their national dishes. Now you can make the most of the talent and skill the city has to offer, without even needing to leave the comfort of your own home.

The city is not only host to some of the top Indian restaurants in the country, but there’s an abundance of smaller family-run establishments as well. So if you’re after a quick curry and a beer, or hankering for a finer dining experience, then Cork has it all for you. Save yourself a journey, avoid the long wait for a table, instead order through Deliveroo and we’ll transform the best Indian restaurants in Cork into your own personal takeaway.

Hosting at home? Famished at work? No problem! Let Deliveroo bring a delivery of Indian excellence to you. From starters, right through to desserts, and all the papadums and samosas in between, Deliveroo will bring it all steaming hot and ready to serve right away.