Dessert delivery in Cork

Take a stroll around the cultural city of Cork and you’ll notice a riot of colour; from the rainbow of building facades to the vibrant garb of residents drawn to the city by its blend of cosmopolitan cool and ancient history. This kaleidoscope sets the scene for the city’s dessert offerings, which are easily as colourful and as delectable as the city itself.

When you’re struck down with a sweet tooth, there’s no need to venture out into the gauntlet of busy streets to satisfy your appetite. Order through Deliveroo and browse the myriad of mouth-watering desserts available across the city. Whether you’re after something steaming hot and covered in custard, or a work of art straight from the freezer, we’ve scoped out the best eateries for you and have got your sweet tooth covered.

Cork: A riot of sweet treats and colour from pavement to plate

From traditional Irish bars, to well-known branded restaurants, there are all kinds of desserts on offer. There’s no need to brave the Irish weather getting lost in the back lanes of the city, we’ll bring the best street-food desserts the city has to offer, directly to you.

Dining in with no time to prepare a delightful dessert for your hungry guests? Stuck at work and craving some crème anglais to help you through the afternoon? Deliveroo is the place for you! We’ve brought the city’s best dessert and pudding offerings together so that you can enjoy the kind of takeaway you’ve always dreamed of, whether you’re home or in the office, whether you’re with company or alone.

Ice cream and sorbets might not be traditional takeaway fare, but let Deliveroo work some magic and create an evening of sugary delights. Whether you’re craving artisan cakes or bursting for some sugary baked goods, Deliveroo can deliver it all. From restaurant kitchen to your own plate, let Deliveroo bring a delivery of Cork’s famed colour and culture straight into your front room at the click of a button.