American food delivery in Dublin

If you're a local Dubliner, or a US expatriate from across the pond, you have one thing in common, and that is a love for "real" American fare. Authentic American cuisine offers more food choices than just high street takeaway meals. A Caesar Salad served with baby crab cakes as a light lunch is a delicious healthy choice. If it's a feast you need, look no further than the sensational pot roast. Taste that succulent beef brisket, bite into hot potatoes, tender carrotas and fresh onions. Enjoy a hearty chicken fried steak with fluffy mashed potatoes and a serving of black-eyed peas.

There are plenty of places to eat out in Dublin. But sitting in an overcrowded restaurant is not everyone's idea of a relaxing time. If you fancy the food but not the trip, place your order online and let Deliveroo bring your next American restaurant meal to you.

Dublin: Real American fare in old Dublin town

For a large city, there's no friendlier place on earth than Ireland's capital. There's certainly more to this wonderful warm metropolis than a keg of Guinness. It is a place that boasts a rich culture of amazing music, fine art and a deep literary history—something that's as strong today as it ever was. If it's food you want, Dublin doesn't disappoint, serving anything from national dishes, authentic American, and other cuisines from around the world.

Hard to catch but easy to eat, that's wild Alaska salmon. This favourite dish guarantees to whet the appetites of both Dubliners and their American friends. Slow cooked, with a rich smoky flavour, served glazed with Dijon mustard or thick maple syrup produces the best fish dish ever.

Want something a bit lighter? You can’t go wrong with an American-style California roll. This avocado-crab-cucumber sushi type snack is a big hit at any table. Perhaps you're thinking of Buffalo wings today. Or maybe it's a generous serving of freshly cooked macaroni and cheese with a favourite side order—or two? Whatever you desire, our food delivery service is here to please.