American food delivery in Ireland

Irish cuisine is distinct and loved by the Irish, but it's not the only food they enjoy. Quality American fare is alive and well all over the country. Regular takeaway has a place, but what we’re talking about here is top quality, authentic meals from across the pond. Everyone loves succulent sirloin steaks, garnished with fresh chives and served with delicious sautéed onions, a choice of fresh veggies and a helping of hot fries. And if you want the meal without having to drag yourself to a quality American restaurant, you've got it. Deliveroo has arrived in Ireland, and we'll take your order and bring the food right to your waiting door. 

Not all American burgers are equal. Let a chef prepare a thick, mouth-watering cheeseburger for you, served with freshly prepared garnish and fries. As for the coleslaw folks, well, that could only come from a restaurant kitchen.  

Ireland: Authentic American restaurant meals delivered

Long-established dishes like Irish stew, champ, and soda bread will always be on the country's food table, but so will quality American meals. The traditional American roasted turkey dish is always welcome with its hot grilled vegetables, sweet potatoes, and that modern fusion of fresh ingredients. Local food delivery in Irish towns and cities means you now get to enjoy these meals at home or in the workplace. 

Don't head out when you can stay in. Relax in your own space and enjoy restaurant-quality American dishes from the comfort of home. Perhaps start the day with that American classic, eggs benedict? Savour the fresh eggs, poached to perfection and served in a creamy hollandaise sauce. For a heartier spread, nothing beats a New York strip steak, topped with a generous serving of juicy mushrooms and fried onions. 

For a filling snack, you can't go wrong with the all-American patty crab cake. Relish the moreish minced crab meat, dressed with a spicy tomato sauce. Browse Deliveroo's partner restaurant menus online and choose your next meal. We'll put our wheels into motion the moment we receive your order.