Thai food delivery in Dublin

Authentic Thai food is both simple and complex. It's also sweet, sour, salty bitter and spicy. There really is something for everyone when it comes to Thai cuisine, and the variety on offer is huge. Dubliners have plenty of choices too. Why settle for supermarket takeaway meals with so much quality Thai chow available. Ever wished the chef at your favourite restaurant would come and cook for you at your place? We can't help with that, but Deliveroo can offer the next best thing. Order with us and we'll bring Thai restaurant fare to your table, whether it’s at home or work.

Take a leisurely look through our online Thai food menus. Our restaurant food delivery service will bring your tasty chicken satay, hot, crispy veggie spring rolls and Bangkok-style pork ribs. If it's curry you want, check out the delicious green, red and yellow specials from the Old Siam.

Dublin: Tasty Thai tantalizes the taste buds of Dubliners

Dublin is an Irish success story, a place where the old harmoniously meets with new. The young population gives this city energy, dynamism and confidence. Guinness is the Irish stout, drunk more than any other brew. The Irish call their beloved velvety beer 'The Black Stuff' because of its thick dark appearance and creamy head. Aside from traditional pubs, Dublin also boasts some amazing international restaurants.

Quality Thai is a favourite cuisine among the local Dubliners. The classic, medium-hot green curry takes some beating. The peppers, firm peas, eggplant, bamboo shoots and sweet tasting basil makes this a simply sensational dish. If you like your food a little tamer, go for crispy duck with bok choy served in a Thai oyster sauce.

Treat yourself to a hot and healthy stir-fry dish, or a delicious flat noodle soup in a clear broth with veggies and coriander—the choice is yours. If it's a thick creamy coconut curry you're after, choose Massaman with potato or go for a popular Panang dish. Both of these curries are mouthwatering to the extreme and will have you coming back for more.