Thai food delivery in Cork 

Thailand is famed for its golden sandy beaches as well for its cuisine, something the Asian nation has in common with Ireland’s second largest city. While Cork might be a million miles from Ko Phi Phi in climate and culture, a love of the Asian nation’s signature dishes is something the two places have very much in common.  

The city of Cork offers visitors a wealth of options when it comes to the aromatic and infusing smells and flavours of Thai cuisine. Street food finds a home amongst the byways of Cork, as much as on Khao San Road. At Deliveroo we’ll battle our way through the crowds and weather the queues exactly so that you don’t have to. Order your delivery through us and we’ll race across town to ensure that your Thai meal makes it from pan to plate sizzling hot and ready to serve right away.  

From Khao San to Cork, Thai street food at its best 

Cork has a well-earned reputation as a developing foodie paradise, and Thai food is certainly not overlooked on the city’s restaurant scene. With access to some of the freshest ingredients from local fishers, farmers and growers, let Cork’s Thai chefs cook up a storm for your delight and let us tuk-tuk it to you. 

From busy restaurants offering pan-Asian cuisines to bespoke Thai restaurants, Cork has it all and Deliveroo delivers it. From lemongrass, to coconut, to chilli, Thai food boasts a broad spectrum of flavours from the mellow to the mind blowing. So whether you favour a heartening Pad Thai or you’re raring to go on a fiery red curry, then a takeaway with Deliveroo has it all for you.  

There’s no need to slave away as your guests entertain themselves, there’s no need to lose heart when your curry doesn’t taste quite right. Let Deliveroo cut out all the hard work and bring the best in Cork’s Thai cuisine straight to your door. When you order through us, we cut out the middleman so that you can simply savour the stress-free moment you plate up the sights and smells of your own Thai paradise.