Thai food delivery in Ireland

Thai food delivers appetizing meals and an experience you never want to end. The five flavours of authentic Thai cuisine means there's something to please everyone here in Ireland. Relish the sweet flavours of cane, coconut palm and sugars in the amazing range of colourful Thai curries. But curry is not the only thing on the menu. Escape into seventh heaven with delectable sweet and sour delights, delicious stir-fries and the wonderful array of rice noodle dishes with meats and seasoned veggies.   

Dining out at a busy Thai restaurant can get some folks as hot under the collar as the fare itself. Long waits for tables or for the food to arrive is not a fun experience. If you want authentic Thai without the crowds let us help. Deliveroo's quick local delivery services will fetch your Thai restaurant meal and bring it to the door of your home or workplace.

Ireland: Tantalizing restaurant Thai chow available for local delivery

Ireland has embraced Thai chow and for very good reasons. The moment anyone experiences a delicious Thai spread, they will never look at another drab takeaway ever again. Thai fare offers mild to spicy, from pure vegetarian to all-meat dishes and everything in between. This really is food for all, so take your time, browse the Deliveroo restaurant menus and place your order. You'll be glad you did. 

A tantalizing Thai rice noodle salad with mouth-watering dressing makes a flavoursome start to any meal. A portion of the tasty national pad Thai dish will also whet your appetite before the main. Order a side of fragrant king Thai prawns if seafood's your thing. Enjoy it served with a finely chopped garnish of shallots, garlic, chili, lemongrass, ginger, lime juice and fresh coriander.  

Thai curries are unique, sensational and timeless. For lovers of coconut-based flavours, mild or spicy, choose from the luscious green, red, yellow, masaman and panang dishes. Enjoy with succulent beef, tender chicken, tasty duck or vegetarian. Bring a little South East Asian cuisine to your table and place your next Thai order with Deliveroo.