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If you’re craving a delicious Vegetarian takeaway in Galway, then look no further. With a variety of dishes to choose from, the local restaurants of Galway will get authentic, freshly cooked Vegetarian food to you in no time.

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Top Vegetarian takeaways in Galway

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Looking for some dining deals when it comes to ordering Vegetarian takeaway? Order great quality food without blowing the budget from one of these takeaways in Galway.

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If you have an appetite for adventure and want to try out some new Vegetarian takeaway in Galway, then consider ordering from one of our newest Vegetarian additions.

Frequently Asked Questions

For healthy Vegetarian takeaway, look no further than Jump Juice Bars, The Gourmet Offensive (TGO Falafel Bar) and Vocho for some feel good food.

If you’re looking for vegan Vegetarian food, then get some flavoursome vegan food from Jump Juice Bars, Pasta Factory Restaurant and The Gourmet Offensive (TGO Falafel Bar).

Want some Vegetarian food but need to make sure there’s not a trace of wheat in sight, choose from a variety of gluten-free dishes from The Gourmet Offensive.

We can deliver great Vegetarian food between 12pm and 0am.

The average price of a Vegetarian meal in Galway is €17

The most common Vegetarian dishes include Spice Bag (g) (e) (p) (n) (Spicy), 4 in 1 and Crispy Chilli Chicken (gf) (g) (e) (p) (n).

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