Damascus Gate

Damascus Gate

 4.4 Very good (50+)

Middle Eastern · lebanese · halal · Falafel · vegetarian

Whether you’re looking for your favourite takeaway dish or wanting to try something new, when you order from Damascus Gate, you won’t be disappointed.

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Browse the most ordered dishes on the menu

Browse the most-ordered dishes on the menu

Mashawy (Mixed Grill)

Chicken, Lamb & Kebab skewer’s served with vermicelli rice, garlic mayo sauce & salad....


Chickpea puree & sesame tahini, lemon juice & extra virgin olive oil....

Chicken Shish Taouq

Chicken skewer's served with vermicelli rice, garlic mayo sauce & salad....

Baba Ghanouj

Smoked & mashed aubergine pure that is mix with sesame tahini, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice & sprinkle with pomegranate seeds....

Falafel Platter

Five chickpea croquettes minced with herbs and serve with tahini sauce, salad, hummus & pitta bread....


Finally chopped parsley salad with tomatoes, fresh mint, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil & garnished with crushed bulgur wheat & sumac....

If you’re looking for a tasty takeaway, you’ve come to the right place. Damascus Gate will get your favourite dishes delivered directly to you in no time.

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