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Irish · Salads · Vegan

Whether you’re looking for your favourite takeaway dish or wanting to try something new, when you order from Cocu, you won’t be disappointed.

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Browse the most ordered dishes on the menu

Browse the most-ordered dishes on the menu

Middle Eastern Chicken

Middle Eastern spiced chicken, sticky garlic and miso root vegetables, red pepper, avocado, rocket, feta whip, dukkah....

Bang Bang Prawn Noodle Salad

Zesty prawns, rice noodles, red pepper, sugarsnap peas, grapefruit, bang bang dressing, toasted peanuts....

Comfort Bowl

Turkey meatball marinara, orzo, pumpkin seed and olive pesto, crispy shallots, fresh basil....

Summer Plate

Buffalo mozzerella, marinated tomatoes, roasted red pepper ketchup, watermelon, 3 grains and spinach, crispy shallot, fresh basil....

Buddha Bowl

Herby marinated tofu, 3 grains and spinach, sunflower seed and coriander pesto, toasted nigella....

Lightly Scrambled Eggs

Free range scrambled eggs served soft, pumpkin and olive pesto, spinach and dukkah....

If you’re looking for a tasty takeaway, you’ve come to the right place. Cocu will get your favourite dishes delivered directly to you in no time.

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