Lin Kee

Lin Kee

 4.2 Very good (50+)

thai · chinese · Asian · Cantonese · Noodles · Family favourites · Curry

Whether you’re looking for your favourite takeaway dish or wanting to try something new, when you order from Lin Kee, you won’t be disappointed.

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Browse the most ordered dishes on the menu

Browse the most-ordered dishes on the menu

Spicy Bag (Hot)(E)(Se)

Deep fried shredded chicken mixed with healthy vegetables & seasoned chips, using our special blend of salt & chilli....

Fried Rice Dishes (Soybean)(Se)(Shellfish)(G)

Steamed rice stir-fried in a wok, mixed with eggs, meat & vegetables. And flavoured with a light soy sauce....

Chow Mein Dry Noodles (Soybean)(E)(Se)(Shellfish)(G)

Egg noodles stir-fry with bean spouts, carrot, peppers & onions but only beansprouts & onions in the chicken chow mein dish....

Meal One

5 chicken balls, fried rice, chips, curry sauce (hot), canned drink....

4 in 1

With chicken or beef or chicken balls. Small or large....

Salt & Chilli Pepper Dish (Hot)(E)(Se)

A crispy, spicy & dry coating, using our special blend of salt & chilli fast stir-fried with healthy crunchy vegetables....

If you’re looking for a tasty takeaway, you’ve come to the right place. Lin Kee will get your favourite dishes delivered directly to you in no time.

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