Burger King - Hollyhill

Burger King - Hollyhill

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Whether you’re looking for your favourite takeaway dish or wanting to try something new, when you order from Burger King - Hollyhill, you won’t be disappointed.

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Browse the most ordered dishes on the menu

Browse the most-ordered dishes on the menu

Bacon Double Cheese Xl Meal

Big bun. Big bacon. Big cheese. Big beef. Big cheese. Big beef. Big bun. Its the xl bacon double cheeseburger. It’s xl-ent....

Chicken Royale Meal

Our crowning glory the chicken royale is everything a great sandwich should be. Tasty chicken wrapped in a special crisp coating, topped with iceberg lettuce, creamy mayonnaise and crowned with a toasted sesame seed bun. Royaliscious...

Double Whopper® Meal

You already know the Whopper® sandwich is unbeatable, but you're hungry and don't want to sacrifice its perfection. Let us enlighten you: twice perfection is still perfect. Hence, you can't go wrong if you double it!...

Steakhouse Meal

Get yourself down to the steakhouse. 100% flame grilled beef patty topped with bacon, cheese, crispy onion, steakhouse sauce, lettuce and tomato. Served in a corn dusted bun...

Whopper® Meal

We haven’t changed the recipe for our Whopper® since 1957. Why? Because we got it right the first time. That's why. 100% beef, flame-grilled to perfection makes it a winner. And it always will be...

Bacon Double Cheese Meal

Bun. Bacon. Cheese. Beef. Cheese. Beef. Bun. No you're not seeing double, you're seeing the bacon double cheeseburger. Twice the burger, twice as nice...

If you’re looking for a tasty takeaway, you’ve come to the right place. Burger King - Hollyhill will get your favourite dishes delivered directly to you in no time.

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