Sushi food delivery in Dublin

Real Japanese sushi is here, serving Dubliners with exceptional bites like nigiri. Enjoy these tasty rice balls spread with a little wasabi sauce, topped with a variety of appetizing raw cuts of fish. Choose from salmon, sea bass, shrimp, tuna and octopus among others. This is not your supermarket takeaway food. What you have here are options in sushi dishes prepared at some of the city's finest Japanese restaurants—quality assured fare delivered to you, by us. We're Deliveroo, your local restaurant food delivery people serving the good folks of Dublin with top quality fare.

We've all got to eat, but we don't always have time to dine out or cook at home. And those micro meals and bland takeaway foods can only work for so long, right? Thanks to Deliveroo's online food menus, you can now eat fine cuisine from Dublin's quality kitchens and sushi bars whenever you like.

Dublin: Quality, Japanese sushi selections in Dublin

Dubliners drink somewhere in the neighbourhood of 9,800 pints an hour over the weekends. It's not surprising that this young and dynamic city is a favourite destination for Europeans enjoying hen and stag parties. But there's so much more to the Irish capital than just drinking and partying. Fine art, sports, tech startups, high fashion, and great Asian food are just some of the other attractions. There are some fine sushi bars and Japanese restaurants in the central areas too.

A wabisabi sushi platter will provide you with a great light lunch or healthy dinner dish. Indulge in the incredibly moreish prawn, broiled eel, crab, and omelette delicacies. Savour the sweet tofu and avocado hosomaki rolls and those raw salmon and tuna sashimi delights.

Select from a delicious range of vegetarian rolls like creamy avocado, seaweed and sesame. Get some asparagus, cucumber, oshinko (pickled radish), tofu skin, and egg cake in with your order. Indulge in a sushi boat platter or a sushi and sashimi combo. Whatever you desire, if it's on the menu it's on its way. Order now with Deliveroo—Dublin's fast, friendly food delivery people.