Sushi food delivery in Ireland

It's true—Ireland has become something of a foodie's paradise in recent times. Today, the Irish palate embraces the world's popular cuisines, including authentic Japanese sushi. This is food glorious food at its finest. Bite into mouth-watering handmade rolls. Enjoy sushi prepared with fresh, local ingredients and Japanese staples like nori, umeboshi and wasabi. This has to be the perfect, healthy alternative to less healthy takeaway meals and drab sandwiches. 

Eating out—Japanese style—is not everyone's idea of a relaxing time. That minor detail, though, shouldn't stop anyone from enjoying this wonderful cuisine. We're Deliveroo, and authentic sushi local delivery is our forte. All you have to do is place your order online from our quality restaurant menus and set the table. The rest is down to us folks. Check out the cooked, vegetarian and gluten free options too. If you're ready for some fresh, hand-crafted sushi, keep reading. 

Ireland: Top quality Sushi delivered to local homes and central business

There's plenty of room at Ireland's food table these days for variety. People welcome a plethora of new and exciting world cuisines to their plates. Sushi is one Asian delight that's taking this nation by storm. Prepare your taste buds for the delicious choices in nigiri, sashimi, maki, temaki and uramaki. 

Experienced sushi lovers may want to jump straight in and order some yummy sashimi. A mixed selection of salmon, yellowtail, tuna, sea bass, sweet shrimp and mackerel is always a great choice. Or how about some scrumptious nigiri with those thin, tasty hand cut slices of fresh fish, presented over oblongs of yummy sticky rice. Just pick it up with chopsticks and dip the nigiri into the luscious soy sauce dip—wow! This is the simple sushi sensation that people love so much. 

Uramaki (inside-out) rolls are popular in Ireland, as are the moreish cone-shaped temaki hand-rolled sushi bites. Perhaps order some tasty sides to go with your spread too, like miso soup, salty edamame and the amazing crispy spring rolls. Just place your order with Deliveroo and we'll be on our way.