Pizza food delivery in Galway

Pizza. It’s everyone’s favourite and the perfect food to order from your favourite restaurant when you want a cosy night in with great food. If you’re having friends and family round, pizza works for everyone, with lots of different toppings available, and vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free pizzas are readily available.

Deliveroo have listed all the best restaurants in Galway so you can peruse at your leisure, decide which pizzas would make your night go with a bang and then order online. You don’t need to get dressed up, go shopping, or extend any effort beyond the tricky choice of which pizza you’d like to eat. Whichever pizza you choose for your takeaway, Deliveroo will make the delivery straight to you as soon as possible. We deliver in most areas of Galway, so just sit back, select your food and wait for us to come to you. Simple!

Galway: Grab a slice of the action with delicious pizza in your area

Do you know what kind of pizza you fancy for your takeaway? Do you have a favourite restaurant already? If you are ordering an old favourite, then it’s easy as pie. But if you need a little help choosing, perhaps we can help. You could always order a classic Neapolitan, some say this is the original pizza, flavoured with cheese, garlic and tomato. Today there are lots of different varieties, including marinara and margherita. Traditionally, it’s served with a thin crust and baked in a wood-fired oven.

From Italy to America – Chicago pizza is deep-dish style pizza named after the city it was invented in. Toppings are hidden underneath a layer of tomato sauce and generally include loads of meats, onion and peppers. It’s a satisfying way to get your pizza fix, with a thick crust and lots of cheese. Yum!

The different kinds of pizza, toppings, combinations and flavours are pretty much endless. Choose the kind of crust you want (maybe a stuffed crust oozing with extra cheese, or a thick crust covered in garlic butter), and pick and mix the toppings. Whether you’re into traditional toppings or something super spicy, there’s something for you!