Pizza delivery in Cork

Pizza is big deal in Cork and we don’t just mean the usual takeaway offerings. We’re talking homemade, hand spun and stone baked. In short, we’re talking some of the best pizzas and restaurants in Ireland. And now, thanks to Deliveroo you don’t need to venture out into the city streets in order to get the best pizzas the city has to offer. Order your feast through us and we’ll deliver your pizza, steaming hot and perfectly presented, right to your home or office.

You can be the envy of all of your colleagues with a piping-hot pizza delivery from Deliveroo. We’ve sourced the best eat-in restaurants in the city precisely so that you don’t have to. Spice up your lunch break with a slice of fiery pepperoni, or top off your evening in with a basic margherita brought straight to your door.

Cork: Perfect Pizza prepared for you

Tired of fat-fuelled takeaway pizzas? Hankering for something a little more refined and authentic? Turn to Deliveroo to bring the treasured Italian dish to you, at home or at work, ready to serve and enjoy from the moment it arrives. There’s no need to trek into town or to brave the queues. We’ll cut out the middleman and deliver your feast from pizza oven to your pad.

No longer do you have to suffer with burnt crusts in your own kitchen oven. You can enjoy everything from stuffed crust to soft crust, baked to pizza perfection in original wood-fired ovens. Impress your friends with a restaurant-quality meal without even needing to leave your home. Order a delivery through Deliveroo and we’ll transform your pizza night from doleful to delicious at the click of a button.

Whether you’re hungry for a single slice or could polish off an entire pizza, Cork has it. From street-style vendors, who sell pizza by the slice, to chain pizzerias popular throughout the UK and beyond. With a home-delivery of the best Italian food in Cork you can create your own leaning tower of perfectly prepared restaurant-quality pizzas.