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11th March 2022: Calling all Patrick, Patrice, Patricia and Patrizia's - your moment has arrived. For the day that's in it, Deliveroo will be giving anyone who bears one of these blessed names 17 euros worth of Deliveroo credit to order a tasty meal of their choosing.

11th March 2022: Calling all Patrick, Patrice, Patricia and Patrizia's - your moment has arrived. For the day that's in it, Deliveroo will be giving anyone who bears one of these blessed names 17 euros worth of Deliveroo credit to order a tasty meal of their choosing. Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?!

Entering the competition couldn’t be easier - the Patricks (et al) of Ireland need only enter their details between 11th-15th March to be in with a chance of winning. Once submitted Deliveroo will send the credit code directly to their inbox on St Patrick’s Day itself to fuel what is set to be a momentous day of celebrations.

As precious as gold found at the end of a rainbow, this credit can be used on whatever tickles their fancy - whether that’s classic Irish fare such as spice bags and chicken fillet rolls, or something more exotic like Zambrero’s ‘Zam Patrick’s Burrito with green spinach tortilla wrap and customisable fillings.

Let’s face it, the Feast of Saint Patrick isn’t complete without a nice Irish Stout. With this in mind, Deliveroo has teamed up with renowned Irish beer sommelier - and owner of Ireland’s own Premium International Beers - Dean McGuiness to discover what takeaways best complement the black stuff.

Stout can deliver an abundance of delicious flavours. Hints of roast charcoal and notes of sweet chocolate, as well as rich characterful coffee, make it the perfect pairing for many foods. And while folks in Ireland tend to get fixated on one very famous stout, Dean tells us there are plenty others out their including Milk Stout, Oatmeal Stout, Tropical Stout and even Crème Brûlée Stout.

You might have been fooled into thinking this distinctly Irish bevy only went well with stew and oysters. However, it actually compliments dishes from cuisines right across the globe: Sushi: Yes, you read that correctly - pairing sushi with stout can result in a contrarian, but delicious pairing. When sushi is dipped in soy sauce, the umami flavour and saltiness harmonises with the ultra savoury flavour of the stout to create an explosion of flavour. Try your favourite stout with sushi and sashimi from Musashi in Dublin or Dashi Sushi in Cork, both available on Deliveroo.

Black Bean Beef: This behemoth of a chinese dish is best enjoyed with a Dry Irish Stout. The oyster sauce base provides counterpoints of salt and savoury flavour that are further developed by roast stout flavours. The mild sweetness of this dish balances the bitterness of the stout. Deliveroo recommends pairing your stout with an order of Xian Street Food’s delicious Black Bean Beef available from its Anne Street restaurant.

Korma: Caution should be taken in pairing stouts with curries, as punchant spices can often compete with even the strongest of stouts. However, a mild curry can hit all the right notes. Especially those containing nuts such as a Korma. Stouts often hide subtle suggestions and notes of nuts and when paired with dishes containing nuts, these flavour profiles are accentuated. Deliveroo recommends pairing your stout with a Korma from Kerala Kitchen, Chaska or Street by Sunil.

Lasagne: This Italian classic and stout are a match made in heaven. The sweetness and mild acidity of the tomato contrasts with the roast character of the stout. Meanwhile, the charcoal flavour of the beef and nutty taste of the cheese mirrors the dark malt notes of stout, creating a dreamy pairing. Milano serve their popular Lasagne Classica via Deliveroo across Ireland, or Forno 500 in Dublin do an excellent home-made lasagne. If al-forno isn’t your thing, enjoy the same flavour profiles with Sprezzatura’s 10hr Beef Cheek pappardelle on Deliveroo.

Hot Dogs: This all american icon and stout are natural bedfellows. The toasted notes of many stouts works perfectly with all manner of sausages, especially those with a delectable smoky and spicy flavour. Pick complementary toppings and you’re in for a taste sensation. Deliveroo recommends a loaded hot dog like The Cheddar Dog from Gaucho’s Dog in Dublin or the Irish Style Hot Dog from Hot Dog Styles, also in Dublin. If you’re meat free, Vegan.KO in Cork makes an excellent tofu alternative hot dog, the KO Hot Dog.

Paddy Quinlan, Spokesperson for Deliveroo Ireland: “Deliveroo loves Ireland and the presence we have in communities across the country. As the nation celebrates the return of St. Patrick’s Day parades and festivities, Deliveroo wants to get in on the fun. I hope my fellow Paddys enjoy their free lunch and make the most of Dean McGuiness’ expert pairing suggestions…I know I will!”


  • Enter the competition at:
  • The competition is live from 11/03/22 until 23:39 on 15/03/22 for anyone over the age of 18 with the name Patrick, Patrice, Patricia or Patrizia. Winners will be notified with their free credit on St. Patrick’s Day (07/03/22). You must have a Deliveroo account to enter and be a resident of the Republic of Ireland. 100 Winners in total

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