Mexican food delivery in Ireland 

Ireland's towns and cities have their Mexican restaurants just like all the other places around the world. Mexican fare is fun; it's also colourful, spicy at times, and offers lots of scrumptious variety. Alas, trying to find a table at the best eating places can take the enjoyment out of the Mexican food experience. That's the bad news, but here's some good. Deliveroo has arrived in Ireland. We're the Mexican food delivery guys, bringing quality restaurant meals to local homes and businesses.  

If you don't want to venture out—stay in. If you don’t fancy a quick tasteless takeaway—skip it. We'll bring the tasty Mexican meals to your door. Perhaps put some tequila wings on your order to whet the appetite? Foodies in Ireland just love those flavoured chicken wings with their delicious coat of spicy tequila marinade, dipped in delicious tequila salsa source. Don't forget the sour cream.

Ireland: Your local Mexican restaurant food delivery service

Authentic Mexican cuisine is special. It's a wonderful fusion of Mexican, Native American and Spanish cultures, cooking influences and age old recipes. It's also food that pleases the western palate like no other, and it's easy to see why. Mexican-style soft-baked
stuffed eggplant is food to die for. Choose your filling, relish in that delicious pico de gallo salsa topping and savour the moment.   

Browse the Deliveroo online partner restaurant menus and build your order. For a seafood delight, you can't go wrong with grilled tiger prawns. Those plump, smoky grilled prawn skewers will arrive resting on a beautiful bed of leaves. Seriously, they'll have your taste buds dancing before the first bite. Enjoy the sliced avocado; take in the amazing tastes of jalapeno and corn salsa. 

For your main, how about Mexican jerky chicken, tender smoky El Porko, or sizzling fajita. The classic chili con carne is another hot favourite in Ireland. Treasure every bit of its juicy minced beef and secret chili mix, served with black beans, rice, sour cream and a fresh salad. We're Deliveroo, place your order and we'll serve.