Japanese food delivery in Dublin

At some point in time the world outside of Japan decided it loved Japanese fare, and Dubliners are among its fans. From miso soup to sushi, seaweed salads to noodles and rice, if it's authentic Japanese it's here in Dublin. Order from one of the city's quality restaurant sushi bars and you'll never look at a supermarket takeaway sushi ever again. But hey, you don't have to restrict your food to just sushi—as delicious as it is. The wide range of fine Japanese chow is truly remarkable.

Deliveroo is Dublin's online Japanese food delivery company at your service. We do the running around so that you don't have to. Place your order with us today and let our guys collect your fried veggie egg rolls served with a delicious sweet Japanese sauce. We’ll pick up and deliver your beef tataki, Kani Kappa salad or pan fried teriyaki salmon dish.

Dublin: Dublin's Japanese food - more than just sushi

As far as capitals go, Dublin's a relatively small city, but it's big on attractions and fascinations. Phoenix Park is 1,750 acres, which makes it one of the largest green spaces of any city in Europe. This is a wonderful place for cycling enthusiasts too, sporting over 120 miles of well-maintained cycle tracks. All the world's cuisines are in Dublin as well. If Japanese fare is your thing, food choices from the Far East will serve you well.

Want the salty, succulent flavours of healthy seafood? A tempura dish will deliver on every level. If meat's on your mind, look no further than yakitori, tasty grilled chicken on a skewer cooked over charcoal and marinated in a sweet soy sauce.

As much as Dubliners' love Japanese food, eating out is not always an option. And not everyone wants their Japanese meal served up at a restaurant table every time. Sometimes work keeps us tied to the desk. Other times we may just be too tired to head into town. Whatever the reason, let Deliveroo bring your Japanese restaurant spread to a table of your choice.