Japanese food delivery in Cork 

The Island nation of Japan is renowned for its crisp and light cuisine, drawing the freshest fish from the oceans surrounding it. Cork, built up around the second largest natural harbour in the world, is ideally placed to embrace the best traditions behind Japanese cuisine bringing a touch of genuine freshness to the dishes from its locally produced ingredients.  

The city’s busy streets and byways, built up over branches of the River Lee, play host to popular Japanese chain restaurants as well as bespoke cafes and delis devoted to the Asian cuisine. So pick up your chopsticks, browse the restaurants we have on offer and place an order with Deliveroo. We’ll bring the freshest in Japanese food, complete with steaming rice or noodles, straight to your home or place of work. Make sure you don’t miss out on your miso soup by ordering a delivery of sides too! 

Cork: A flavour of Japan with the freshest fish

Japanese food is famous for its light ingredients, steamed to perfection or served raw. Cork is home to pick-n-mix delis where you can choose from the freshest flavours the national cuisine has to offer as well as chain favourites and popular eat-in establishments. Built up on the banks of the River Lee and its large fresh water harbour, Cork’s fish really do leap from the ocean to the plate giving the city’s Japanese restaurants a real air of authenticity.  

Not to be outdone by the freshness of the fish, the city’s Japanese chefs have access to some of the choicest vegetation around with which to craft their accompaniments. So, if you’re no champion with the chopsticks, but you’re craving some kakuni, let Deliveroo bring the takeaway to you so that you can challenge yourself to chopstick eating in the privacy of your own home.  

You shouldn’t have to leave your home or office and trek through bustling streets to find the best food. There’s no need to navigate the car parks or brave the Irish elements for the best food in town.  Order through us then sit back and await the arrival of your juicy Japanese feast.