Japanese food delivery in Ireland 

Ireland and Japan may be worlds apart, but the Irish have embraced quality Japanese cuisine with a passion. Japanese fare is much more than supermarket takeaway sushi, which is far from authentic anyway. Eating out—Japanese style—is either something folks love or they loath. If you want the food without the restaurant etiquette, then you're in the right place. There are some fine Japanese eating establishments here in Ireland too. Deliveroo can fetch your order and bring this delicious Far Eastern cuisine to your door, whether you're at work or relaxing at home. 

You've got plenty of tasty starters to choose from. Look at yummy sides like deep fried dumplings or gyoza. Deep fried prawns (ebi fry) are another mouth-watering choice, so is Kakiage, the battered prawns and veggies. For an authentic spread, a vegetable sea-salted boiled soy bean dish, edamame, typically has a place at the table.

Ireland: Japanese restaurant meals delivered to the home or workplace 

A traditional sushi bar and Japanese managed restaurant offers a unique dining experience. This is something that not all westerners are comfortable with. If you can relate, don't worry. All you have to do to enjoy quality Japanese fare in the comfort of your own space is to place your next order with Deliveroo. With a few simple clicks, we'll put our delivery wheels into motion and fetch your food. 

For a set lunch, wagyu beef patty will serve your palate well. Enjoy the grilled beef patty, served with fresh, melt-in-your-mouth salmon sashimi, salad, steam rice and a bowl of tasty miso soup. For a vegetarian option, Japanese agedashi tofu is an Irish favourite. The moreish deep fried gyoza dumplings also come with fresh Japanese-style salad, steamed rice and miso soup. 

Authentic sushi is on the menu too, along with plenty of seafood specials like smokeless grilled squid, oysters, and prawns served with seasoned veggies. Take your time, build a Japanese spread that will tantalize every taste bud and leave you feeling happy and content. Let Deliveroo's next delivery be your tasty Far Eastern meal.