Italian food delivery in Limerick

When it comes to food, few will argue the fact that nobody makes it quite like Italians do! The question is, how do you find the best Italian eateries, restaurants and takeaway establishments in Limerick? You don’t have to…because Deliveroo has done it for you.

For the crispest pizzas to the most indulgent pastas and everything in between, be sure to browse through our Italian food section for Limerick. You’ll find a variety of unique meal options consisting of your favourite carb-loaded delights, along with a few interesting extras that are well worth a try. How about a classic quattro stagioni pizza? A meat lovers’ lasagne? A pesto and pine nut pasta? Or perhaps some crispy ciabatta to share with a loved one? Whatever you fancy, rest assured that you’ll find it in abundance right here on the Deliveroo website. Buon appetito!

Limerick: When in Limerick…eat like the Italians do

If there’s something to learn from Italians, it’s how they savour their food. Not only is mealtime a time to enjoy mouth-watering flavours, but it’s also a time to socialise with family: in particular, taking part in humorous conversation, reminiscing and nurturing connections. Because of this, in Limerick, and all over the world, Italian food is always a family favourite!

There is often no craving stronger than a craving for a delightfully cheesy pizza. From a simple margherita to options with slightly more experimental – yet always tasty – toppings, pizza makes for the perfect takeaway, regardless of the time of day! Pasta is also always a winner – and for good reason.

Luckily, the next time you find yourself lusting after traditional Italian treats, you can turn to Deliveroo and order them from the comfort of your home. There’s no need to slave away over the stove or at the oven to enjoy quality Italian-inspired foods. We bring the best of the best straight to your doorstep. Simply order online and wait for your doorbell to ring. The essence of Italy is just a few clicks away.