Italian food delivery in Galway

Comforting, decadent and delicious – that’s Italian food in a nutshell. Ideal for a posh dinner party to impress your mates, or as an easy meal for your family on a busy weeknight, Italian takeaway is always a joy. Imagine the delights of a lasagne, garlic bread, seabass with fennel, freshly made pasta dripping with seafood… all without opening the fridge or lifting a finger in the kitchen.

There’s a reason Italian is one of the world’s most loved cuisines. And in Galway, we’re pleased to be able to offer you listings from premium Italian restaurants across the city. We’ve done all the hard work so you just need to browse the menus, decide what you want (and what your friends and family want – although you could just keep it all to yourself!) and order online. Then, we’ll bring your takeaway delivery to you as soon as possible.

Galway: Plenty of Italian choice all across the area

We’re talking about bringing the tastes of the Mediterranean right to your sofa. Sunshine-y tastes like sundried tomatoes, fresh pasta, fresh fish, all with olive oil, lemons and Italian herbs. Authentic Italian cuisines, from pizza to steak, concentrates on fresh ingredients and simple flavours cooked exceptionally well, from the finest restaurants in town.

The simplicity doesn’t mean Italian food isn’t sophisticated, however, and it’s perfect for a dinner party or a celebratory meal. If you’re looking to treat your family or impress your friends, ordering Italian dishes will make your evening go with a swing. You can order all sorts of antipasti to start with, little bites of Italian flavours incorporating meat, fish and vegetables. Follow up with a traditional pasta starter, something like freshly cooked tortellini stuffed with minced beef.

Italian meals are served in four or five courses, with just enough in each course. Alternatively, stick to traditional thin crust Italian pizza. Cooked in a wood burning oven, Italian pizzas are crispy and light, with delicious toppings often including tomatoes and mozzarella. End the meal in style with a creamy panna cotta served with summer berries, or the old favourite, freshly made tiramisu. Delicious!