Italian food delivery in Cork

Ireland’s second largest city grew up along the banks of the River Lee, and Cork’s heart remains to this day on an island in the centre of the river. As in Venice, Cork is home of some of the best Italian restaurants the country has to offer. Unfortunately though, time might well not be on your side, and heading out to eat is an impossibility. If that’s the case, let Deliveroo bring restaurant quality food to you. 

From authentic hand-spun pizzas to the most bellissimo pasta dishes around, the city has it all on offer to the hungry diner with a craving for a little piece of the Mediterranean. Tap into the freshness and the feast with Deliveroo. There’s no need to venture out into the city centre in order to reach the best restaurants in town. 

Cork: Take a punt on Ireland’s little slice of Venice

One of Cork’s many attractions is the English market, held six days a week, which gives the city’s chefs access to some of the freshest locally-produced ingredients the country has to offer. This access to fresh and local produce lends itself to the striking flavours and aromas that made Italian cuisine so popular on the international food scene.  

Order through Deliveroo and we’ll turn your favourite eateries into a steaming hot takeaway, leaving you with ample time to select the perfect wine accompaniment.  We can bring the best of the city’s restaurants to you, in a piping hot delivery fresh from the pan, bursting with all the aromas and flavours you’d expect from the national cuisine. 

Takeaway night has crept up on you again and you find yourself hankering for an Italian feast but a greasy takeaway pizza simply won’t cut the bill. Let Deliveroo come to your rescue! We’ve scoped out the best Italian restaurants the city has to offer and compiled them into a takeaway menu that’s all your own. We’ll deliver the full food package, from antipasti all the way through to mouth-watering dolci to wash down your main with.