Indian food delivery in Galway

After a hard week at work, what could be better than settling back in front of the TV with an Indian takeaway from your favourite restaurant? Or perhaps you’re looking for Indian food to order in to serve at a dinner party full of your friends and family. Whether it’s super-hot Indian dishes, or mild and creamy kormas that tickle your taste buds, there’s a plethora of Indian dishes available across Galway.

At Deliveroo, we’re here to help you find your ideal Indian takeout in Galway. So, we’ve gathered together listings from premium Indian restaurants across the city just for you. No cooking, no washing up, no hassle! Just order online and we’ll make the delivery right to your door. As we deliver in most areas of Galway, you should be well on your way to some tasty, exciting food to make your night extra special.

Galway: Spice up your life with an Indian takeaway

Part of the popularity of Indian food is its diversity. There are many regions across the country which all bring its own flavour combination. Northern Indian cuisine is less spicy and uses lots of ghee, yoghurt and red chillies. In the south, coconut, tamarind and black pepper are used in the hotter dishes. In Ireland, many dishes are a Western/Indian fusion, often involving complex and delicate flavours.

Before you get to the main course, you need to select your rice. Rice is a hugely popular staple in India, and a takeaway isn’t complete without it. Choose from basmati, patna and ponni, which have different textures and tastes. Popular mains include chicken tikka masala, which is a tasty blend of marinated chicken in a rich, sweet tomato sauce. Delicious!

For vegetarians, there are plenty of dishes available, as a lot of traditional Indian food focuses less on meat. Main courses, sides and starters all come in a range of vegetable combinations, from onion bhajjis to aloo gobi (cauliflower, potato and spices). Don’t forget to order your naan accompaniments, whether you love a plain naan, a keema naan (loaded with minced lamb) or a peshwari (a sweet naan with nuts and raisins).