Greek food delivery in Ireland

Some argue that Ireland's best Greek restaurants are too good, too busy, and too hard to book a table at short notice. This is no longer a problem, not now that Deliveroo is in Ireland's major towns and cities. Don’t dine out when you can eat in, at a time and in a space of your choosing. If you can't or don't want the hassle of a restaurant, let us bring the Greek cuisine to your door. How about we get you some dolmades to whet your appetite? Seriously, who can resist those delectable stuffed vine leaves with rice and minced beef. 

There's no better way to start a Greek meal than with a delicious village salad. Savour the feta cheese and bite into the fresh olives. Pick up some crisp lettuce, peppers, fresh coriander, spring onions and cherry tomatoes on your fork. It's nature on a plate. 

Ireland: Yummy Greek meals available for local delivery

Ireland has some fine Greek restaurants boasting impressive menus. They take influence from Greece's diverse regions and bring them together to tantalize the Irish palate. It's time to forget the bland takeaway and dine at home, in style, with an authentic Greek spread prepared in the best kitchens. For soup, the delectable Greek avgolemono will send you into seventh heaven. 

Craving for something meaty? The slow cooked nourishing beef stifado is a main that's delicious beyond words. Bite into those tender diced beef pieces. Enjoy the mushrooms and shallots bathing in a divine red wine sauce, presented on a bed of couscous. For poultry lovers, Chicken pilafi has to be an option. Savour each piece of succulent chicken breast, pan-fried to perfection in yummy garlic butter with white wine, peppers and brown rice. 

Consider the nutritious sikotakia dish—beautifully prepared chicken liver cooked in a flavoursome red wine sauce. Served with chopped onions, garlic, and smoked bacon makes this a simply sensational meal. Whatever you order, don't forget those amazing Greek flat breads. We're Deliveroo, and our aim is to get some fine Greek food to you in the easiest way possible.