American food delivery in Limerick

If you’re in the mood for a card-loaded meal full of flavour, there is nothing else to choose but American food. Stringy mac and cheese, filled burgers stacked as high as possible and spiced sweet potato fries. Now, thanks to Deliveroo, you can get your hands on traditional American grub to takeaway - enjoy restaurant-quality food from the comfort of your home. No leaving the house, no fuss and no washing up!

Deep-fried chicken, turkey legs and corn dogs are exactly what you’d expect from American cuisine but what about jambalaya, made famous in the deep south? You need to get your hands on sticky barbecue ribs - but stock up on napkins! Barbecue food is as messy as it is flavoursome. With Deliveroo’s selection of premium American restaurants in Limerick, you can expect gourmet fast food with an even bigger, better flavour. Dig in!

Limerick: Dig in American-style

When it comes to food, what sets the Americans apart is their daring attitude to ‘go big or go home’. If they eat a steak, they eat a mammoth steak. Their side order of fries has to be smothered in ketchup and mustard. A run of the mill milkshake isn’t the norm anymore - stock-piled freakshakes are the way to go, with brownies and cookies oozing out of the top! Portion sizes are as big as the States themselves so you won’t be left hungry after your all-American meal.

You can try all the cool takes on American food, with quinoa and kale - but is there anything that will satisfy your hunger better than a succulent cheeseburger? Doubt it. It goes without saying that Limerick locals love American food. The question is, have you ever tried premium American-inspired food? Thanks to Deliveroo, the opportunity to do so is just a few clicks away.

With most areas in Limerick covered, all you have to do is log on to the Deliveroo website, place your order, and await your super-sized order. And trust us when we tell you that even the American locals would be impressed.