American food delivery in Galway

When you think of American food, what makes your mouth water? Is it a giant, chargrilled burger in a toasted bun with Cajun spice dusted fries on the side? Or a huge rack of ribs dripping in barbecue sauce? Maybe you’re in the mood for some Tex Mex favourites like fajitas, burritos or nachos. Whichever American style food you’re looking for, we know one thing. It tastes even better if you order from your favourite restaurant in Galway and wait for your takeaway delivery order from Deliveroo.

We’ve put together listings of all the best restaurants in town, offering fabulous American food. We deliver across most of the city, so you just need to decide what you want to eat. If it’s not just you, why not all have a look through the menus and see if you can agree – although if not, just order a little bit of everything!

Galway: So much tempting American food available in your area

Hearty portions of tasty food, that’s what American cuisine traditionally serves up. In fact, a lot of what is generally considered quintessentially American in flavour is an amalgamation of different cuisines. Asian, Spanish, Italian and many other cultures all have a bearing on popular American dishes. Deep dish pizza (now known as Chicago pizza, among other names), was created by Italians who came over to live in America. Similarly, even hamburgers and hotdogs have German roots.

If you do want some American style pizza, a Chicago pizza is a great choice. It’s a deep-dish delight, served with lots of meaty toppings underneath a thick layer of rich tomato sauce. There are plenty of other variants and it’s easy as pie to find a vegetarian deep dish pizza if you prefer. For a lighter bite, you could try an American style sandwich – something like a turkey club, with avocado and honey mustard on rye bread.

A great way to get the real taste of America is in a breakfast. Unusual combos like waffles with crispy bacon smothered in maple syrup gives a flavour that’s hard to beat. Or try some biscuits and gravy, for some real southern flavour.