Vegetarian food delivery in Limerick

When it comes to premium restaurants in Limerick, and all over the world for that matter, most speciality dishes consist of meaty delicacies, leaving vegetarians with few options when placing an order. Luckily, thanks to Deliveroo, we have found the finest restaurants in town that promise vegetarian delights – all of which are truly second to none.

While there is certainly plenty of choice when it comes to healthy, crisp salads, if you fancy something a little bit more substantial, we’ve got the best of the best. From creamy vegetarian pastas to tantalising tofu tacos and a dash of vibrant vegetable curry…we have a selection of veggie-friendly foods unlike any other. No more visiting restaurants only to be disappointed with what’s on the menu and being forced to order the same old boring salad. Instead, order online and get everything you want and more!

Limerick: Meat-free masterpieces you’ve got to try

Ultimately, whether you have been a strict vegetarian for many years, or whether you’re simply looking to cut meat out of your eating plan to shed a few extra pounds, Deliveroo is the answer to premium quality dishes a million times better than your average takeaway. Get some veggie delights on your dinner table in a snap without having to leave home – simply log on to our website, place your order and, with most areas in Limerick covered, we will deliver it to your doorstep.

Trying to convince your kids or partner to dig in to the meat-free lifestyle? Now’s your chance to introduce them to the real cream of the crop. As Deliveroo only partners up with Limerick’s finest restaurants, you can rest assured that whatever you order, it will always be a meat-free, memorable masterpiece of a meal.

Pleasant chickpea pita sandwiches, crunchy nachos, tasty kale lasagne, tantalising traditional stir-fries…the list goes on and on. Why feel limited when it comes to your meal choices purely because you’re a vegetarian? With Deliveroo on your side, variety is still very much the spice of life!