Thai food delivery in Limerick

Everyone loves a creamy Thai green curry. The only problem up until now was actually finding a quality Thai restaurant that you could count on. Enter Deliveroo. We've actively scouted the area in search of the finest Thai food in Ireland…and we are pleased to present you with our list. By browsing our Deliveroo Thai food section for Limerick, you will unlock the secret to ordering Thai food so good, even the locals would be asking for seconds!

Fancy a saucy, spicy shrimp soup (tom yum goong)? Perhaps you’re craving a traditional gaeng daeng (red curry). If you’re someone who has yet to experiment with the unique tastes of Thailand, now’s your chance to go mad and pick something you might never have even heard of before. At least you know that you will be getting quality, no matter what!

Limerick: Experience the tastes of Thailand today!

Thai food is always impressive. So, if you’re expecting a special guest or two and want to please them without actually putting your own cooking skills to the test, why not order Thai food via Deliveroo? Even if your guests aren’t familiar with what’s on offer, rest assured that after they have experienced the many tastes of Thailand first hand, they will be fans for the rest of their lives!

When it comes to ordering Thai food in Limerick, whatever you’re in the mood for, Deliveroo can bring it straight to your doorstep. We offer you the chance to experiment with different cuisines from all around the globe, without leaving the comfort of your armchair. So whether you’re looking to order a classy takeaway, or a hearty family dish, you can do it all onlie, where your Thai delights will be on the table in no time at all.

Generally, Thai cuisine is known for being incredibly detail oriented and offering perfectly balanced flavours. They specialise in both spicy foods, along with some mild rice dishes that are truly divine – and guaranteed to satisfy even the hungriest of tummies!