Order Thai takeaway from nearby Galway restaurants

Are you feeling like something a bit exotic to eat tonight? Are you planning a dinner party for friends and family? Would you like to enjoy delicately-balanced dishes with a multitude of flavours and textures? Then you should order in some Thai takeaway from your favourite restaurant. Thai food is hugely popular across the UK, and for good reason. It’s delicious, varied and aromatic.

Ordering Thai food for delivery in Galway is easy as pie, thanks to Deliveroo. We’ve listed premium restaurants across the city and, as we deliver to lots of different areas, we should be able to come straight to you. All you need to do is sit back, relax, have a look through our Thai food listings and decide what sounds good. Order online and we will make sure your takeaway arrives hot, tasty and in time for you to enjoy a night in.

Galway: Pick and mix delicious Thai flavours

Thai food is intricate cuisine, with highly skilled chefs creating delicately balanced flavours. Generally, many ingredients are used in each dish, with the chef’s expertise ensuring a harmonious balance of flavours on the palate. This complexity is a great reason to order Thai food rather than cooking it at home. The number of ingredients and the amount of time needed to create restaurant-level Thai dishes means a lot of shopping, a lot of cooking and a lot of washing up! Order through Deliveroo and you can enjoy the flavours and miss out on all the hard work.

The best thing about Thai food is the variety of dishes. A great way to enjoy the food, particularly during a dinner party or feeding a group of people, is to present all the dishes in the centre of your table, and have everyone pick and mix. This way, your guests get to enjoy a breadth of flavour and food.

Many Thai dishes feature vegetables heavily, along with fish and poultry, with less emphasis on red meat. This lightness of flavour and fusion of Chinese and Thai cuisines is particularly popular in the UK, mean you’re sure to find favourites for everyone.