Sushi delivery in Galway

Is there anywhere in the world that sushi hasn’t become super popular? We think not. And in Ireland, it’s no different. Japanese food in general is enjoyed by many people across Ireland and the UK, but sushi’s growth in popularity has been stratospheric over the last 20 years. Savoury, succulent and aromatic, sushi is full of taste and texture, and can be rather healthier than some other cuisines.

If you’re a sushi lover in Galway, then Deliveroo is for you. We’ve sorted out lists of all the best sushi restaurants in the area, and as we deliver in most areas of Galway, we’re sure to be able to drop off your takeaway delivery in no time. You just need to decide on the super sushi and sashimi that will tick the box for your meal at home, and simply place your order online and wait.

Galway: Plenty of delicious sushi to be found

Rice is key when it comes to sushi. It’s a sticky rice that’s flavoured with mirin, a Japanese vinegar that’s such a big part of that sushi flavour. This rice/vinegar combo is known as sushi-meshi and is the basis of all sushi dishes. Combining it with lots of other ingredients, flavours and textures is what makes sushi such a diverse and interesting cuisine. Ordering in sushi from a restaurant gives you the chance to try out lots of dishes and try something new every time.

It’s also an excellent food to share with your friends and family, as the bitesize portions lend themselves to being shared about easily. Try some sashimi in your sushi – this is the raw fish that some people mistakenly refer to as sushi. You’ll find cooked fish and meat available as well, in the form of octopus, eel and thin slices of beef. Plus, there’s many vegetarian sushi dishes on offer, ensuring it will keep everyone happy.

Along with your sushi, you have to have lashings of soy sauce, pickled ginger and plenty of Japanese horseradish (wasabi). A mouthful of all of these condiments gives that unmistakable flavour we all love. Delicious!