Sushi food delivery in Cork 

There aren’t many places better situated than Japan in which to get the freshest sushi, but Ireland’s southern-most city of Cork is certainly one of them. Built up around the world’s second largest natural harbour, Cork’s sushi chefs enjoy access to the freshest catches of the day, with the shortest amount of time from ocean to plate. 

Boasting numerous markets selling the freshest ingredients, from vegetables through to fish, Cork should be the go to place for sushi lovers in Ireland. Now with Deliveroo you don’t need to perch yourself on a high stool in a busy eatery, order a speedy sushi delivery through us and you’ll be able to savour each morsel in the peace and tranquillity of your own home or office. It really is that simple. Just make sure the plates are ready!

Cork: The freshest fish for the most succulent Sushi 

Let Deliveroo transform Cork’s best eat-in diners into a takeaway. We don’t believe that you should have to venture into the city like a hunter-gatherer in pursuit of the best sushi Ireland has to offer. Neither do we feel you should have to slice the fish yourself in order to get the best cuts.  

Wanting some soya with your sushi or some wasabi with your nigiri? When you click on Deliveroo you can order your mains and your sides all in one go whether you’re with company or alone. There’s no need to wait for the waiter time and again or to miss your favourite dish on the turntable. Never again will you have to watch someone else steal your favourite sushi sample from the conveyor belt, with Deliveroo it’s all there just for you.  

If you’re chopstick skills are not ready to be seen in public, or you fear sending your fish flying through the air, let Deliveroo bring the sushi to you. We’ll whizz your meal, steaming hot or deliciously cool – exactly as the chef intended – directly to your waiting plate.