Mexican food delivery in Galway

In the mood for a spicy burrito, stuffed with minced beef, peppers and covered in shredded cheese? Or would you rather get stuck into some nachos with all the trimmings? A Mexican takeaway from your favourite restaurant is a delicious and fun way to treat yourself after a tough week at work, or for a mid-week dinner when you just don’t feel like cooking. And if you’re having mates round it’s even better. The pick and mix nature of Mexican cuisine, with lots of different flavours to dive into, make it ideal for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for veggie Mexican food or something with tonnes of meat, there are many dishes to suit. At Deliveroo, we’ve listed all the best Mexican food in Galway for you to choose from. We cover most of the city so just order online and we’ll bring your food delivery right to your door.

Galway: Find your perfect Mexican feast

If you’re not familiar with Mexican food beyond the odd burrito, we’re here to help you choose. But if you’re a die-hard fan of Mexican and Tex Mex, then we’re pretty sure we can also put a smile on your face. Popular Mexican dishes include tacos, nachos and fajitas, and a lot of the cuisine involves corn tortillas and beans in some form or another. A popular side dish that’s often enjoyed alongside main dishes is frijoles refritos – you may know it better as refried beans.
Vegetarian enchiladas also incorporate mashed beans instead of meat. These corn tortillas are also topped with sour cream, cheese, and lettuce. Meat versions are just as delectable if you’re looking for variety or ordering for a mixed group. Other favourite dishes in a top class Mexican restaurant include tostadas, which are deep fried tortillas and served with seafood, veg or meat on top.
For something authentic, you could try pozole, a hearty meat and corn stew or frijoles charros, which is a pork and bean stew. Desserts are just as tasty, with the churro a hugely popular choice. Don’t forget to get the tequila in to complete your Mexican takeaway feast!