Lebanese food delivery in Limerick

Unless you have Lebanese ancestry, the chances are quite high that you have yet to experience this unique culture’s delicious food. Thanks to Deliveroo and our extensive Lebanese section for Limerick, that is all about to change! We have made it our mission to find the finest Lebanese restaurant and premium takeaway establishments in town; which we are now very excited to share with you, making it possible for you to order online.

If you are trying to shed a few extra pounds, you’ll be thrilled to learn that Lebanese food is one of the lowest-calorie takeaways available. Traditionally, Lebanese people eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and get the majority of their protein from fresh fish and wholegrain delicacies. Their cooking processes are also excellent for weight watchers – the majority of their food is either grilled or baked, and deep-frying is often a big no-no.

Limerick: Explore luscious Lebanese flavours

While traditional Lebanese food is indeed low in fat, make no mistake – it definitely doesn’t lack flavour! Like many other Middle Eastern countries, Lebanese people are known for making their own homemade hummus – a healthy dip often eaten with raw vegetables, and the ideal snack to serve when expecting guests.

Another firm favourite is grilled halloumi. Eat it on its own as a starter or enjoy it in a fresh, crispy salad. Either way, it is a flavourful cheese that you will quickly come to adore. Shish tawook is traditional Lebanese chicken eaten with a side of garlic paste, pita bread and chips. Finally, if you’re in the mood for something sweet, knafeh is the way to go. It is a decadent cheesecake made using nabulsi cheese and rosewater – simply exquisite!

Looking forward to giving this new cuisine a try but nervous about finding a quality Lebanese restaurant in Limerick? Fear not…because you can order online via Deliveroo. Choose from our selection of authentic establishments, place your order and we will gladly pick it up for you and deliver it straight to your doorstep. It couldn’t be easier than that!