Lebanese food delivery in Galway

If you’re really into the idea of some Lebanese food for dinner, you could head out to your favourite restaurant in Galway. But that would involve getting changed, booking a table, chancing the traffic and maybe ending up wedged into your least favourite spot. Deliveroo can help you enjoy Lebanese takeaway instead. Still from premium restaurants across Galway, your takeout will tick all the boxes, and arrive straight to your door.

We’ve collected menus from the best Lebanese restaurants in the city, so you just need to order online and wait for Deliveroo to come to you. Ideal for a dinner party, Lebanese cuisine will delight your guests, with a range of fine food to choose from. Also, ideal for a romantic dinner for two, or just to treat yourself after a hard day at work, a Lebanese takeout will bring a touch of the exotic to your food delivery.

Galway: Let Deliveroo bring top Lebanese food to you

At the heart of Middle East cuisine is Mezze. A term for a mix of different dishes, Mezze can be served altogether in the centre of the table. A fun way to share food with your guests, it allows everyone to have a bit of everything. Your Mezze will cover lots of different small to medium sized plates, including veggie dishes, meat feasts, some piping hot and some served cold. The enjoyment is not only in the taste, but also the variety on offer.

Traditional Lebanese cuisine concentrates on vegetables, seafood, whole grain and fruit, with garlic, lemon juice and olive oil as seasonings. Fat isn’t used in the cooking process much, so dishes are lighter than some other takeaway alternatives. Lebanese food is exotic enough to score you some points if you serve it to your family and friends!

There are loads of veggie only dishes, including Baba Ganouj, an aubergine-based dish that is perfect served alongside traditional cheese to form a gorgeous meat-free option. Dessert has got to be lots of differently flavoured Baklava, the filo pastry treat that is soaked in syrup and stuffed with nuts. Yum!