Lebanese food delivery in Dublin

Experience the tastes and textures of healthy Lebanese food here in Dublin. Treat yourself to a gorgeous Lebanese lunch. Tantalize your palate with classic starters like lentil soup, cooked in cumin, virgin olive oil, and served up with delicious toasted pitta bread. Don't forget the hummus—a creamy chickpea puree with a little tahini sauce, fresh lemon juice and olive oil. Why not order some delicious deep fried falafel balls while you're at it, and let Deliveroo bring it all to your door. That's right; thanks to our online food delivery service, we can bring quality Lebanese fare to you from your favourite restaurant.

The days of dragging yourself to a downtown restaurant or settling for a boring takeaway are gone. Enjoy foods from Dublin's finest Lebanese kitchens in the comfort of home or office. Authentic meals cooked by expert chefs are available on demand here in the old city.

Dublin: Luscious Lebanese fare served in Dublin town

Dublin has many claims to fame, and Handel's Messiah is just one of them. It's perhaps one of the, if not 'the', most famous musical works of all time. It was on April 13, 1742, when Handel's Messiah premiered at Temple bar to an audience of 700. Today, there are plenty of the world's rich and famous walking the streets in Old Dublin town. Connoisseurs of fine cuisine love the Irish capital for its quality food and international variety. Authentic Lebanese fare has pride of place here too.

Mixed fattoush has everything a salad lover could possibly hope for. Enjoy the explosion of flavours from the red onion, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, mint, parsley, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. Add a little black pepper and kosher salt and you've got perfection in a bowl.

If you're having a main course, don't forget to your sides. Choose from rice, chilli bread, or spiced potatoes served with garlic and fresh coriander. Whatever's on your order today, Deliveroo will bring it to your Dublin door, fresh, hot, and in a timely manner. We are your premium local food delivery company.