Lebanese food delivery in Ireland 

Lebanese food is luscious; it's delectable, and enjoyable beyond words. It's why we now have some quality Lebanese restaurants all over Ireland. The classic Lebanese hummus is the perfect mezze. Seriously, who can resist that tasty puree dip of chickpeas with tahini and fresh lemon juice? Step it up and go for the real hummus beiruty, a garlic, parsley and hot pepper sesame paste—yummy. How about some batinjan rahib, those perfectly grilled aubergines, mixed with lemon, garlic and fresh tomato pieces. 

Today, eating in is the new eating out for a lot of busy people in Ireland. You don't have to settle for a standard takeaway either. Why drag yourself to a crowded restaurant when the restaurant can come to you. Deliveroo delivers quality food from the finest Lebanese kitchens in major cities. Choose from our extensive menus and set the table as we run with your order. 

Ireland: Delectable Lebanese restaurant meals for local delivery

Authentic Lebanese cuisine has its origins in Mediterranean fare. Over the centuries it has fused with local, regional and cultural influences. Lebanese food is an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains and starches. It also incorporates fresh seafood, fish and some animal fats in moderation. Anyone who appreciates colourful dishes, healthy ingredients and varied tastes will love Lebanese. 

If you're going for a full spread, be sure to put a selection of premium olives on your order. For the best in Lebanese salads, the famous parsley tabbouleh with its tomato, onion and cracked wheat won't disappoint. The fattoush mixed salad is another to consider, traditionally served with Lebanese bread.  

Their delicious mains will not leave anyone hungry. Shish taouk is a favourite in Ireland. Savour those beautifully marinated pieces of charcoal grilled chicken served with garlic dip. How does a Lebanese mixed grill sound? Relish this impressive selection of succulent lamb, chicken and kafte skewers, served up with an incredibly moreish chilli and garlic dipping sauce? Quality Lebanese food delivery is what we do, so place your order now and wait by the door for your top quality food to arrive.