Japanese food delivery in Galway

Go back a few decades and you’d be hard pushed to find more than one Japanese restaurant in Galway. But today Japanese food has taken Ireland by storm and is hugely popular, with lots of choice for aficionados. With its variety of dishes, interesting and delicate flavours and a touch of the exotic, Japanese food is an ideal takeaway. Order in lots of small dishes for your friends and family to share, giving everyone a choice of different tastes.

At Deliveroo, we’ve worked out the best Japanese food in the area and can deliver it to you directly from premium restaurants. We’ve listed their menus and made it truly simple to receive your delivery in Galway – you just need to order online, put your feet up and wait! From sushi to ramen and many authentic dishes in between, we’re confident we can assuage your appetite for Japanese delights.

Galway: A great place for lovers of Japanese food

Although sushi is a popular part of Japanese cuisine, there are many other traditional dishes to choose from. Based on the irresistible combination of rice and miso flavours, Japanese food has a delicate touch. Fish and fresh vegetables feature heavily, along with rice and noodles. Japanese food traditionally doesn’t include much red meat or use much fat in the cooking process, helping the delicacy of the flavours.

European and Japanese fusion meals have more meat in the mix, as it’s always a popular addition to the Western palate. But the focus on vegetables and meat-free dishes does make Japanese food great for vegetarians, although it’s vital to check that the dishes haven’t been flavoured with fish stock.

Just imagine having to cook up the complexity of these dishes – a nightmare! And why go out when you can eat your Japanese takeaway in the comfort of your own home? Try some tasty tempura, for a delicious way to enjoy a Japanese delicacy. This cooking technique deep fries all sorts of ingredients in a very light batter and is delicious. So, dig into those ramen, spear that sushi, slurp that sashimi and enjoy those noodles – we’re behind you all the way!