Greek food delivery in Galway

The tastes of the Mediterranean – who can resist? Vine ripened tomatoes, charcoal fired kebabs, huge salads with olives and feta cheese. Greek food is absolutely delicious and luckily, you don’t have to bother going out to a restaurant to get your fix. Thanks to the growing popularity of Greek cuisine across the UK and Ireland, there are lots of Greek restaurants to choose from – and Deliveroo to bring your chosen feast right to your door.

We’ve helped you out by gathering listings for all the best Greek food across Galway, and as we deliver in most areas of the city, the chances are we can help your evening gain a Hellenic flavour. Greek food is great takeaway for a dinner party, and the accompanying traditional drinks of retsina and ouzo can keep your party going with a bang! Just don’t forget to keep your plates safe from being smashed!

Galway: The best Greek fare in Galway

Greek food uses a lot of fresh ingredients, with a concentration on excellent cooking and deep flavours. Much like other Mediterranean cuisines, the food speaks for itself and doesn’t generally come with lots of complicated flavour combinations and sauces. With plenty of fresh fish, vegetables, fruit, grains and lots of olive oil, it’s a delicious way to get some of your five a day, while sacrificing none of the flavour.

If you’re in the mood for some high quality meat, then souvlaki has to be your choice. Greek souvlaki tends to use pork, but you can also get beef, lamb and chicken chargrilled and served in the traditional kebab style. Served with pitta bread or grilled flatbread, with lots of garnishes and sauces, it’s a delicious and tasty treat. Have a Greek salad with tomatoes, feta and olives, on the side, along with some tarmosalata dip.

If you’re ordering vegetarian Greek food, try a spanakopita. This pie is made with filo pastry and is stuffed with spinach and the salty feta cheese used in so many Greek dishes. Look out for artichokes, okra and potato dishes for any diners looking for vegan or gluten free food delivery. Enjoy!