Dessert delivery in Galway

What’s better than ordering your dinner from your favourite restaurant and having it delivered to your door? We’ll tell you. Ordering takeaway dessert and having it delivered to you! The perfect finish for a dinner party, or an awesome way to celebrate a special event, there are loads of times when ordering a sweet treat would make life that much better. Deliveroo have teamed up with some of the best restaurants in Galway to make it easy as pie for you to have a dessert delivery brought right to your front door.

If you’re looking to order dessert in Galway, whether it’s cake, pudding, biscuits, chocolates or pies, you’ll find something delicious in our listings. So, whatever you need the perfect pudding for, Deliveroo can make it happen. And if it’s just for you to enjoy in front of the TV then we won’t tell anyone either, so order away!

Galway: Home to the best desserts

How about a traditional Irish dessert for your delivery? You could sink your teeth into a rich Guinness cake or an Irish Whisky cake for those traditional flavours and sumptuous finish. These kinds of cakes are perfect for a celebratory cake as well, as you could order a whole one and have enough to share around with your friends and family. For another boozy favourite, try Irish Coffee cake. Its rich and dark consistency and topping of coffee flavoured cream make it a real treat.

Another big favourite in Ireland and across North America is a chocolate potato cake – spicy and rich, it’s a delicious dessert. If you’re moving away from cakes, then you could try a Baileys Marble Cheesecake for a creamy, lighter dessert with a hint of Irish cream liqueur. Or Apple Amber – this Irish take on lemon meringue pie is a regional favourite, and perfect as an end to a dinner party.

Of course, it’s not just Irish food available in Galway, you can choose from a huge range of delectable, delicious puddings. Anything from traditional English desserts like sumptuous apple crumble or lemon meringue pie to American-style pies. And you don’t have to leave the house!